Star Lights

*26 Point Moravian Star Light*

Janet is sought for the exquisite Bethlehem and Moravian Star Lights that deck the porches, entrances and dining areas of many city landmarks, businesses and residences.

Janet has gained attention for her precision craftsmanship. Her stars are a special and lifelong gift for weddings, anniversaries and new homes. Businesses in the Christmas City may consult with Janet for the right star for their entrances, meetings rooms and client space.

All Star Lights are made personally by Janet upon special order. Design options include iridized, beveled, white and clear glass with either silver, pewter or copper finish.  For bulb replacement, one of the points is hinged to carefully open the light, replace the bulb and return the point to position. Contact Janet for more information or to order.

Web Bethlehem Star Light
Star of Bethlehem Light


Prices for Star Lights begin at $395.00.  Exact pricing is dependent on size and material selection. Janet will quote your project upon request.

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